Barack Obama’s Great Speech

Barack Obama talks about his childhood and reminds us the value of good education. We all have responsibility of our own education. It’s not governments or communities who are the makers. It’s us. We all are a part of this world. Everybody doesn’t have a chance to study even they want that’s why we need to respect our advantage. Everybody has to do their own part and respect school.

What does that mean? Respecting school means that you are doing your own part in school by studying, doing your homework and being in class. Even you were in a hard spot don’t let that get to you. Study hard. Study for yourself and in that way do your own part for this world and your school community and land. Most importantly yourself. Everybody’s stake is needed.

Never give up! If you have a hard situation still remember the value of education. Education allow you to do whatever you want in the future. At the time it may not feel like that but after it you will realize the value of it. It’s worth it. Every homework is one step closer to your dreams. I wish all could realize the same thing which I did. I respect the value of education by working hard and making my way closer to filling my dream.


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