Tyttö Sinä Olet Tähti (Beauty and the Bastard) 2005


Tyttö sinä olet Tähti (literal English translation Girl You are a star) is one of the best Finnish movies ever made. It’s a story about a girl and a boy who are from different worlds. But together they’re strong and they can make their worlds as one. Others try to get them down but they realize that it’s about them and they can make it work. No matter what others may think they know that they are made for each other.


The movie has an awesome soundtrack and the movie contains a lot of music. Although the movie is a musical romantic drama. I won’t tell more about the story because I love the deeper meaning of this movie. It contains all I love about the good movie. Amazing music with a great story with humour and romance. This movie blew my mind which is very rare for a fanatic movie watcher like me. Here are some tracks from the soundtrack and Wikipedia. Enjoy! Love the songs.

Elämä kantaa – Kärkiryhmä
Pidä Musta Kii – Nelli
Tee Se Niin – Nelli
Diili – Mariska


Tyttö Sinä Olet tähti on Wikipedia

This movie is from Finland. From my home country.
Finland on Wikipedia


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