Freedom Writers


These days it’s rare to find a good movie. Movies have very tight pattern. Money is the only real thing. It is so sad to see that entertainment has gone. Money makes the world go around. Those of you who agree with me raise ur hands up. We are the only one who can make it better. No one else. Let’s not go on that. Let the money go and focus on what really matters. Let’s stand out.


Freedom Writers (2007) is the best movie I have seen for a while. It tells about young people who live for surviving. Every day in the streets is just another test to survive. Shooting, drugs and gangs fill life. Defence and revenge seem to be meanings of the life. Is the skin colour really what matters the most?

Should I talk about the taboos? Jews and apartheid. All the same.

The teacher Erin Gruwell (Hilary Swank) has a unique way to get pupils think about theirs lives and breaks the taboos of the community. This is what we need in real life. Pupils start to write a diary about their lives. They collect them together. The name of the thing: Freedom Writers Diary. Based on true story.

Freedom Writers Diary on Wikipedia

This movie makes us think about things. We need more of this kind of movies. Freedom. Peace. Stop the violence and start to live like real people.



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