Christmas is getting closer

Wow. It’s Christmas soon. Who ever thought that Christmas and next year would come so fast? Feeling like it was summer yesterday and now it’s 7th December already. Maybe the fewness of snow around here was the reason? Anyways it doesn’t really affect to my mind. Having an awesome time waiting Christmas holiday. I can get myself into a Christmas mood without the snow anyways.

For me this year has been actually very good and has offered a lot of pleasant surprises which I never expected. And after all the year 2009 has gone by amazingly fast. (Starting to wait my birthday in February :D.)

Well back to the point. Christmas time has a lot of good and bad sides. Mostly good. The Holiday is what we need here when it’s getting dark. It always gives hope and light in the darkest time of the year.

The Christmas time is actually very contradictory. While people are supposed to slow down and enjoy the peaceful time with their families they’re running like crazy buying gifts and stressing about holidays. After all we shouldn’t stress about the most peaceful and important time of the year. We should always remember the meaning of Christmas and respect that more.

It’s the day when the savor of the mankind was born. I’m always keeping that in mind while preparing for it. That always makes me calm and gives peace in my heart.

Happy Christmas waiting time for everybody!

wishes HmusicK

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