Two days till Christmas

Wanted to write  something about Xmas lately. But I’ve run out of the inspiration. I always keep breaks between posts but sometimes it just doesn’t come. You can’t force the inspiration.

Well anyways I will spend my Christmas with my family. My mother goes to work for Christmas day but although it’s not a bad thing because people in hospital needs food too. I would be at home and would have Christmas dinner, sauna and church. And end of the evening we would get the gifts. Now when I have gotten older they’re not so important to me. (Well if I would get a new phone or computer I would be pretty excited.;) But I’m not. So now the food and the atmosphere are more important. And the reason why we spend Christmas.

We did a task in school. Name ten meanings of Christmas. I was the only one who named the birth of Jesus Christ. Everybody was looking at me like I was crazy. At that moment I felt like I was above them all. I was really pissed. The ultimate reason why we spend Xmas is the birth of Jesus! How could you forget that?

This shit really makes me sad. And top of the all my friend has something to say. They go to the church once in a year. To Christmas church. Like it would fix everything. Fix all the shit done during the year.

I rather not to go to the church at all if that would be my only reason to go there. We won’t be forgiven if we go to the church once in a year. Actually we don’t need to even go there to be forgiven. Wish it would be just so easy. Go to the church and all would be clean again. But it’s not. You need to really want it. You need to apologize for your sins.

I agree it’s hard. But it’s the only way. So I prefer to do it than be fake. Because we can’t fool the God. He would always see as trough. When we are honest to God we are honest to ourselves. The truth makes us free.

I recommend to think about this too. Forget all the gifts. Forget the food. Forget all. And think about the ultimate reason of Christmas. Quiet by the crib.

I wish you Merry Christmas and happy new year 2010!


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