Music, Writing and Life

So the Christmas is gone now and we wait the new year now. I had good Xmas. Now I’m good just chilling and enjoying holiday even though there are some school things which should be done before the holiday ends. I will attend to them later.

Now I just surf randomly on the internet, update my blogs, chill and mainly listen music. Music is always playing where ever I go. I listen to it with my phone while I’m taking a walk or are shopping alone. I don’t know could I live without it. Probably not. I’m addicted to good music. I love the lyrics and I wish I could write such a masterpieces myself too.

I’m a good writer. I blog and I tell about my life like a reporter. I’m not good at writing poems or fairy tales. I write about the real life or realistic stories. I write about the things which are not right in this world. And hope that someone hears. But mainly I’m just one girl from Finland. I can’t change the world but I can do the difference. I do my part. I’m different. I don’t follow the crowd I go against it.

I’m wondering why I feel the pain of the world so strong. Why do I care so much? Why doen’t I forget? Just leave it and move on. I think about the good things in my life. I’m not a negative person. But I still tell my story to everyone who wants to hear. I tell it even they wouldn’t want to hear. It’s my way to move on. I want to care. I want to help. I don’t forget but I have forgiven. I’m clear with myself and the people who I have had problems with.

The pain doesn’t get to me. I’m above it.  The words and small acts which are supposed to hurt me don’t get to me but I’m not made of stone. I have to admit that if someone very close to you hurts you it’s hard but not impossible.

All the things which I have experienced in my life has made me very sensitive. I sometimes overreact very easily. I’m trying to build my cover and the wall around me to protect myself. But the wall lets stuff to come out but not in. I talk. I protect myself from others. I have to be strong.



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