New year and new decade is up to you

It’s 3rd of January 2010. The new year has just begun. The new challenges, new things, new decade. For many new year gives hope and faith for tomorrow. Tomorrow is better than today. For me new year means a lot. Almost new beginning, I’m growing and getting stronger. I’m having new challenges.

I finish high school this year and going to a new school. My life faces changes which I can’t/want to stop. The life goes upside again. It’s not a bad thing. Actually I think it’s great. The new beginning is always great. I’ll do well. I’m a fighter.

And what’s the best I’m getting older and more independent. I love it so much. In this age the aging is not a bad thing at all. And it’s cool for me. I’m ready for it. I never tried to be older than I am. But what life did to me raised more knowing person in me. I never adapt to my age. Even my dad admits it. He was same kind of. My friends are younger or older than me.

I skip the youth in my way. And don’t come and tell me that I wasted it. Because I didn’t. I was wiser and I don’t have to regret anything in my life. Do only things which you want others to do to you. Think what do you really want. How do you want people to remember you? You will be forgotten if you do bad things. People would be ashamed too.  Only good people will be memorized and respected. I want to be a person who is respected and memorized as a good person. What is wrong and right is hard question. But I think that we can count on to the laws and bible. God tells you what is right and wrong.

New Year and new decade is in your hands. You can decide what to do with it. Happy New Year to you all!



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