Sooner or later

Still at home. Would be going back to school 7th January 2010. I’m doing good. Life is smiling for me at the moment. I feel it’s all under control. Future set and good year starting up. What’s better than care for you loved ones and things going good.

Sometimes people say that forgetting your past and moving on is for good. But I don’t think you can move on if you don’t remember where you come from. Because in the end it will always come back to you. Your past will always follow you. You can’t get rid of it. What is done is done you can’t change it. But you can make better next time. We learn for our mistakes and move on. If you haven’t dealt things in your past they would always come. Sooner or later.

So I’ve learnt that it’s better talk about things than forget. I still talk about things happened 5 years back from now. But what is different? I have moved on. Talking about your past doesn’t mean that you haven’t moved on. It doesn’t mean that you have sticked. I’m clear with my past. I’m way over it now. But I can talk about it. It is the true moving on. You can talk freely what happened and accept it. In good and bad.

I’m so happy. I can’t lie to you. Maybe there’s something sore for me yet. But I know how to handle it. I’m not perfect. No one is. But the fact is that we can’t take the burden of our past for life. In some point we would crack. We would come tumbling down. I trust God. He has promised to be there for us. I share my past with Him. He would understand.

I hope that this year you would find something special. Last year I did. And I’m so glad about it. Never knew I needed.



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