The secret of Success

Today is my last day of vacation before school starts. Weekday starts and normal schedule. Yeah I love holidays. Who doesn’t? Well I’m gonna take all out of it.

Udoka starts on Friday and my club on Monday next week. Can’t wait to start this year. I miss my babies and friends. The break is always good. Sure I was tired of all school work. I hope that you also enjoyed your holidays. I need to do some school work these times. I have like four months deadline. I can’t believe that I have six months school till I graduate. This year offers me so much challenge.

The challenge I haven’t had before. I’m going to try to get in a special Senior high. I would get an International Baccalaureate. Entrance exams are in Finnish, English and maths. I would have to work hard. If I get in it would be so cool. It would proof all wrong. All doubts. The teaching in an IB-lukio (senior high) is in English. That wouldn’t be a problem to me at all because I love English. It would offer me excellent opportunities to go study abroad.

I will do my best in everything I do. If it’s not enough it’s not bad because I knew I did the best I can. That’s how it goes. The result is not the most important sometimes but the effort you put into it. I wish luck for you in every challenge you face in life. Do your best and wait the result. The success is in your effort. Your stake in it.

The secret of success is the effort. Love everything you do. I admit sometimes we need to do things we don’t like. But put the effort in them too because it would always come back to you in something good. The result would come later. Live in the moment and do your best in challenges you have at that moment.

And one more thing. Don’t give up even the result wouldn’t be the best. It’s still worth the effort.

I wish the best work year for you all, keep your heads up high and don’t stress about the things. Doing your best shouldn’t ever stress. Doing your best is great and easy to do.



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