The Moment of Joy

So, What’s up with me? I have had school two days and feeling kinda stressed out. I have so much to do before I can finish high school. In a way I feel they require too much. It doesn’t feel a challenge just exhausting myself with boring and not challenging material. Just overwhelming. My challenge is how I can make them in time. So much to do. Times like these I need friends the most and I know they would support and help me.

I always do my best. I have at least three diploma works. Two of them are in progress and one is not yet instructed. Finnish and biology are okay and I’m pretty good at writing so they should be fine. English would be the easiest and the best. I have four months deadline. And two months time in English. I seem to have much time but the truth is that time flies by so fast.

Besides my diploma works I have plenty of other subjects coming. I should recover between homeworks, books, exams, final works and try to live at the same time. So how do I breathe? I enjoy the moments of joy, the beautiful flashes of life which I would have on my road. The moments I relax and look at my life and see what’s good in my life. It helps me continue. People encourage me going. I would take time to myself and other people even in a hurry. Because it helps me not to get tired.

No matter how hard life seems there’s always something more. Something which keeps you going and comforts in the moment of despair. For me the thing is my people and my future. Thinking about the future makes my day brighter and makes me think about why I’m working hard. I’m working for my future.

Life is still smiling for me. No matter how much I have work I would have smile on my face. I have so much special in my life at the moment.


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