Wondering Freedom

It’s Sunday evening around here in Finland. It’s not so cold outside. There are lots of snow though. I’m listening my favorite music and chilling before going to sleep. Preparing for the Monday which is always busy for me. I have my club and I would get out of school not until 3.45 pm. It’s great to see my babies again tomorrow. Missed them. Holiday is far away and work days are filling my mind.

I have listened my favorite album by Akon at least 40 times. The name is Freedom. Freedom. Makes me wonder my freedom and brings me to almost nostalgic atmosphere. What is freedom anyways? We can use freedom in many different ways. Some of us are less free than others. Everybody needs it and everybody should have the same freedom. We can’t reduce someone else’s freedom. We can take no-one’s freedom. Some of us think they can but it’s wrong. The world would be better place if we would stop increasing our freedom to others.

It’s hard to give straight answer to that question. There are many specifications to that word. Mine would be that freedom is that you can make your own decisions and you have right to decide about the things related to you. Also the right to decide about your own body is important. But freedom can also be something what you feel. Freedom is personal. We don’t have freedom to do anything we want. We would have to follow rules and laws. When I think about it it’s not even hard. Laws are meant for good.

Freedom. That word sounds good in my ears. I sometimes feel that I need more freedom. I would have it when I get older. So I would have to wait. Waiting is long but it would end someday.

I wish that all would have the same freedom. God bless you. The same rights, same laws, solid world.



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