School, music and blogs

It’s Thursday 14th of January 2010. Wow, lived 14 days new decade. The start has been okay. Besides the amount of the  school work I’m good and doing well. And sure the work can’t kill me. I have IT in school and learning basics of html language. I think it’s very cool and very welcome alteration to my boring day. Very useful for the future. While I’m planning to have my own web sites. And thanks to IT I created my first blog. I think I wouldn’t have started a blog on my own if we hadn’t done it in course. I owe IT much.

Anyways, I’m listening music. I think I would have to little think where I come from and where I am now. In my home people are not musical and they don’t listen much music. Only some gospel. But it was still a start. I still know many of the songs they played when I was younger. I had very strong child’s faith. Those songs really touched. Still do.

After that when I was around 11 and having a hard time in life I started to live in my own world. Only books, computer and music were there. I read. I wrote. I listened music. Only those things were important to me. Well I was also a member of club which is still my hobby in these days. I owe it much because it kept me in track. Kept me in this life. Otherwise I would be high. My feet wouldn’t touch the ground anymore.

I started to listen music videos. I loved Avril Lavigne, P!nk and Jennifer Lopez. (Still do.) Listened rock, pop and country. Then I had Good Girl Gone Bad by Rihanna and Because of You by Ne-Yo 2007. Those albums changed my taste. The First song was Umbrella feat. Jay Z. My English teacher played it in class to learn the imperfect of English. Wow. It changed me and I also learnt imperfect fast. Lol.

After that I started to listen R&B and also rap. The 1st album was Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 2003 by 50 Cent. And I’m happy now. I can’t live without music. It’s part of me.

So that was the story of my music life. I love music videos. Started a music blog for me: RmusicB.

I am thinking a plan to unite all my stuff because I know it’s hard to follow me if I have many things going on at the same time but I think this is more me. So the solution to have many blogs has worked for me. One is not enough specially because my 1st blog is messy and has a lot of posts. Here’s the story of my blogs. But in a way it’s not hard because every site has the links and every blog has a banner. I also tweet all posts daily: 1HmusicK.

Wishing a nice Thursday evening for everybody!



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