I decided to make a different choice

Last days I have heard some bad news which aren’t directly related to me. Things happened to my school mates. Won’t be telling about the details because it’s not very pleasant thing to hear. Well anyways bad things happened. I wasn’t good friends with those girls actually we had some argument going on a while ago. I never wished anything bad to happen to them even though I didn’t like them much. But after I heard what happened to them I was just sad and shocked. I wish all the best to them and I really hope they have learnt something from it. Events I’m talking about weren’t their fault but still they would have to think about somethings in their lives.

I’m so glad that I’m different and staying out off those kinda things. For me doing what is right is important and I know that it’s just for my best. I’m not missing anything by doing differently. Guys might say that I am wasting my youth. Some of has even said that you can freely make mistakes when you’re young. They will understand. Make mistakes now later you can’t. That would mean that I could freely be irresponsible because I’m young. How can you learn to be a responsible person if you don’t start by now?

You may think you are wise and a though guy by drinking, using drugs, having sex randomly and bunking from school. Later you will realize that life is not like that and learning responsibility will be hard for you. So I am starting right here. I’m learning to be a responsible person. I take responsibility of my acts, life and school.

I know that I would regret things if I would go and do the same. That is the real waste. Wasting your time to the things don’t matter in real life. You may live in dreamland thinking you’re young forever and dream about not needing to take responsibility. In the end you’re responsible about your acts  alone. You will regret your acts sooner or later.

So for me the youth is not about getting drunk, running around having sex or escaping from school. You can have fun without them. Saying no for those things doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy life. I just decided to take care of myself and do well in my life. And taking the responsibility is one of the most important things in life. People would trust and respect you. They would feel you as reasonable and trustworthy person.


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