Comforting words for people in trouble

It’s Friday. Posted my last post on Tuesday so it’s been about three days. I enjoy Friday a lot because it’s weekend and weekends are always cool. I’m sure all agree with me and are always waiting weekend eagerly. Actually I don’t know what to talk about right now but I will let my heart to do the job. I have ideas though.

I’m looking out of the window. There is an apple tree covered with the thick layer of snow. I don’t hate winter but I don’t love it as much I love summer. So I have to admit that I wait summer. I have a birthday on 21th of February. I look forward to that. Under five months and then I will be leaving. So little time. Then some current news and my main point of the day:

A week ago there was a huge earthquake in Haiti. When I listen tributes made to the people of Haiti and read news they really make me think about them. God bless you, Haiti. I wish to say some encouraging words to those people in trouble. They need all the support now. We need to help those people because they can’t stand on their feet now. I heard that some evangelist had said that the God punished them for their bad actions. NO, that is not how it goes. Those kinds of elements can strike anywhere. The power of nature is huge and sometimes it just happens. Of course God can guide them but all them has a purpose.

So all the people in misery listen to the God: there are always faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love. We need all love in the world to help people in trouble. Love leads the way and is the most powerful thing people can have. No matter how successful you are. Without love you are nothing. You can’t ever compare anything to love. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

There is always faith. Faith to God. He will bring the tomorrow to us. Trust him and he will carry you to tomorrow. Tomorrow will come. In the protection of God you have nothing to fear. There is always hope. He will give us hope when we are weak and doubting. There is always hope for tomorrow. Just rise your eyes to the sky and shout for help. He will answer. And the thing unite us all: there is always love. The love of God is amazing. He cares so much for us. Love is the best thing in the world. It’s what we all need and want. He will always love you no matter what you do. Love your neighbors and enemies. All the people in the world. No matter what religion, skin, culture they would come from. We are all the same in the eyes of God. The judgment is the same to all of us.

Comforting words from God. I hope this helps someone. In the everyday life we would have doubts and sadness but He will always be there for us. No fear for tomorrow.



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