The freedom from restricted world around me

It’s been a while when I wrote last time. Well there are obvious reasons for that. I had viruses on my computer and they stopped all the action for a while. My pc needed a formating and Windows xp was installed again. You can read my article My Virus experiences: Control Center and xulcache.jar about the viruses I had. So the weekend went pretty much setting up all the programs and running updates. Now I am much more careful with browsing web. You can have a virus with one click and that is not nice at all.

Sometimes I’m pissed to Microsoft because Windows is so popular that everyone does viruses to it and you need all kinda of programs to protect your pc. On top of the all the security program costs a lot and good ones are rare and they are not perfect. So in the future the solution would be changing the operating system. I really want to try others too and am sure that they would offer me much more than Microsoft does.

My dad whines about the bad qualities of Microsoft. In the end he says we just need to live with it. When I suggest trying out Linux he is like no-no. I’m like what a heck. Guys, that is not how it goes. We all can make a world we want to live with. So Linux offers a custom operating system made to your own needs. It is true. You don’t have to live with it.

There are no limits. Specially when it comes to technology. Why on earth we let big companies like Microsoft run our life? I admit they have a power. But so have we. We have the power to change that. No more Mac and Windows. We know already their bad qualities and mistakes. With Linux you would have endless possibilities to correct those mistakes and build perfect operating system.

It is not just that. The thing is that everybody can work on it and it unites the world and helps us to accept people. We would have much better world out there if anyone who wants to develop better technology would work together. Imagine how good it would be. Plus Linux is free. People who have less money than others would be able to come with.

Microsoft just increases the difference between rich and poor people. Microsoft tear us apart. I won’t let them make me blind. It’s so sad to see how my dad has gone. He says that things are not black and white. BUT in this they’re.

I am just some Windows user from Finland. But the only reason am using Windows is that this computer belongs to my dad. I want the freedom. Freedom from closed, intolerant and restricted world around me.



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