Taking my time

Something came in my mind I want to talk about. Everybody knows that the world is fast and if you try to hang on you would feel like it’s tiring you down. You can handle it for a while but then you would come crashing down. Many feel pressure about it which is wrong. It is not the most important to know latest trends or music. I never stress about music or fashion. You do what you love and you take your time. I take my time every time. That is why I don’t do sports for example play football. I’m not so good at them and I feel they have their own time. That doesn’t suit for me. I want to be able to set my day myself and those hobbies I do are in my timeline.

I never go on the timeline of the world because it would just make me tired. I am pretty calm person and I don’t get moved easily. I follow news when I read newspaper in the mornings. I don’t go much to news sites during daytime. Reading news from the paper is enough to me and it fills my desire to know what is happening. I follow music and artists I love and enjoy finding good songs. But I don’t push it.

In blogging it’s the same thing. You can choose your time to blog and it’s your choice how you make it. You should never feel pressure about blogging. I have to admit that has happened to me. I have felt that I want to blog but the text doesn’t come. Then I have tried to push myself to it but I learnt that never push it. It is not good for the posts. I’m learning to take my time in blogging too where I am the boss. It is weird how you feel the most pressure in things you can make yourself. That is why I can’t be a blogger who updates the latest music or gadgets. Would be too stressful. Blogging should be more like hobby and own fun. I can’t please all the readers I have but it is good to have feedback.

I hope everyone can take their time in everything. I am learning it myself. It’s good skill to learn. And it doesn’t mean that you could slide from the deadline just because you take your time. No, it’s not that. You can still take your time in it.

I wish great February to everybody!



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