Do things you want others to do to you

Hey everybody, it’s February the second 2010. Today at school I faced pretty new things. Acts which are not so great. Acts which don’t belong to school. Disrespectful and insulting acts. Worse than before. Do people have a periods in their lives or am I just imaging the whole thing? I feel that people go to the childhood in certain time of their life and mix it up with things they have learnt during the years. It feels so bad to hear the words which come out from the childish and imprudent mouth. Mixing the thoughts of a seven-year old and the words of a 15-16 year old teenager cause a bad combination.

Words hit my heart. My heart bleeds for those words. Let me say couple of words about respect. We are taught to respect people and it is for good reasons. Without respect we will never go far. Without it nations would come crashing down. Without respect we would have worse world out there. The lack of respect causes a lot of problems physically and mentally. Luckily most of the people know it and they control the world. For now.

Why should we respect people who are older and know more than us? People share their knowledge with us so that we would learn and become as wise as they’re. We will not learn if we don’t respect and let them do their job. What would happen if we don’t let them to teach us? We would not learn and we would be stupid.

I will not tell more about those words because they’re not important. Respect and good behavior are more important and the base of being a good person to yourself and to others. What will you gain for being nice and respectful and owning good vocabulary of convenient words? This is just obvious. You will get a good mood and happy faces. You would be loved and you would brighten up someone’s day. The best feeling in the world is when you can create a smile to others face. It is awesome.

Please, do not insult or say words you don’t want to hear in your ears either to people. Do not call names. Love your enemies. Love people you don’t like much or don’t get along. Do things you want others to do to you.

Love, respect, peace, joy. The list is long.



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