Joyful About me fields

Hey everybody it has been a while when I blogged last time. My most recent post here was the lyrics of Heroes by Ne-Yo. At that time I was really feeling that and I still am. I really love that song and it’s always for someone special. Well I don’t actually know what I want to say this time around. So I will just let my heart to do the talking today.

It has been cool lately. Nothing much happened… Well some personal issues etc but they’re solved. But although it has been cool. I was sick last week. Like really sick. Haven’t been that bad in a while but I recovered well. I am good now and happy.

So back to my mind: lately I’ve been reading a lot of About me texts from blogs, twitter pages, etc and some of them had been very interesting. Felt like cool I would actually like to know this person. I also love blogs. It is awesome to read posts which people have posted just for on their own terms. Not just some music posts which don’t tell anything about the blogger. You can find really funny posts or really cool stories or songs from talented bloggers around the world. And I can tell that there are very cool people out there.

This blog is very personal and I have posted a lot of things about my life here but I am not sure can you get a good picture of me or my life still. This is not because I would worry about my readers or something. Just it would help me to find myself you know. Like tell about me. I would learn so much about myself in that way. I’ve talked about things I respect and think are important in life so I think I have told about me a lot that way .

So I’ll see more on that next time. It is always pretty cool to talk about your life I think. Everybody has so unique and important life and all are special persons. And thank you for the great About Me fields.


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