Living my life

So I thought that now would be nice moment to do a post which I promised last time when I told about Joyful About Me fields. Would be nice just open up a bit. No, I’m not going to tell you all. Just some basic facts etc. whatever comes to my mind. This blog is a show off for my English skills and I have improved a lot by blogging. I really love to write in English. English is my favorite subject in school. Actually I started to study English when I was nine years old but the start was a pain for me. When I went to high school 13 years old I kinda figured out English. It was a sudden and irreversible event. After that English has been the easiest subject to me. Lately I have improved my speaking skills too and I am not afraid to use English.

The fact that I can communicate with it makes me proud of myself. I am not afraid to make mistakes and improve myself but in some things I can disappoint to myself. It’s hard to accept that I can’t be perfect in everything. If you try to reach for perfection all the time in everything you will get tired. That is why I should learn to cool up and chill. It is not end of the world if you fail sometimes. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. But if you try and fail it’s better than not to try and fail.

I have learnt something here in this world living with others. Sometimes there are people who just don’t get me at all. Who I can’t be friends with but I can live with. You have to learn to live with people you don’t like. I sometimes feel that I have been misunderstood during my whole life. But that’s what many people probably would say. I just haven’t met many. And some people would say that it’s normal to feel that way. Well let’s just talk about me because it makes me just minimize the problem. Yeah, I don’t talk about it much because people have said so much shit about it and for me it has been better to just shut up not to say anything.

The problem that you think that people don’t understand you is so in common that I just feel an ordinary girl whining in the crowd of whiners. Well it hurts still. I am not a super girl with extra powers. I have feelings too. Luckily there are few people who are same kind. Friends who are important to me. Who understand. It’s not important to get the world understand you because it’s just natural that they won’t. So I will just try to understand the world. Not try to get the world understand me.

I just live my life. And am happy and satisfied for my life. If I need change I will change it myself. I will not ask permission or wait others. Moving on.

I hope that you don’t let others to affect yourselves and for what who you are.


Nowplaying: Sorry, Blame It On Me – Akon (The first song I heard from him. Hooked up immediately.)

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