Get To Know Me

I have been pretty good lately. I have made big decisions past weeks. Well they’re done now. There have been hard thoughts in my mind. My mind has been pretty broken and tired though. I wish that with time I would get my happiness back. I don’t even know why I was down. Well guess it’s just normal. I have things to do and I don’t have much time to blog even though I would love to concentrate on blogging more. Well I need to do one thing at time and do what is the most important. Taking my time lately has been hard.

Anyways here’s cool bio about me. I like to tell things about myself and I wish that somebody finds me as an interesting person who you would like to get to know. Because I have read a lot of these kinds of about me texts and they have made me feel like that. Well I don’t stress about that. Feel free to contact me if you want to know me because I definitely love to know new people who I can discuss about things with.

Get to know me:

I am a Finnish girl  and my hobbies are club directing, African dancing and drumming. I love music, movies and computers. I’m a hidden geek inside and I am learning about computers everyday. I also love blogging and chatting with people. I spend time listening music, surfing on the internet and watching movies. The school fill a big part of my life of course. I see my friends usually during the week. Because of the school I chill at home weekends and am usually too tired to go anywhere.

I am a very considerate person who doesn’t party. Usually people consider me as a boring because of that. I think partying is overrated.  It is just for one night. You can have fun just for one evening when you get drunk. That is not golden to me. I prefer a nice evening sober with my friends or those ones I love. Memory of that night will always be golden in my mind.

I have a lot of thoughts about the world and I can go deep but I can also have fun and relax. My feet are always on the ground but I dream in the clouds. I am very active person but am not an activist. I am interested in other cultures and countries. I love English and I always love to develop it. I am very open-minded person  and I hate all kinds of restrictions and confined people. External things don’t matter to me and the most important to me are the things inside.

I am shy person and talking to the strangers specially face to face is hard. Friendships in my life have been fine but pretty broken and difficult. I have been trough a lot of things such as bullying in my life. Getting to know person who has something in common with me is pretty easy and I always love to know new people. I just hope that they accept me as I am. I accept people as they are and I am an energetic and happy person who smiles a lot.

I’m a cool, matured and happy young woman who loves life. Get to know me.



3 thoughts on “Get To Know Me

  1. Honey, don’t worry about what people say. After all I’ve read here, I doubt you do this, but if somebody thinks you’re boring, let them haters look at themselves. Everybody’s boring somehow and I don’t really get their words, and I know your situation in the same cause I was the same too. & hey, they all want girls/boys that are crazy, always happy and dumb, that’s the truth. Plus, I’m glad I have a friend (only over Internet, but who cares?) in you. You’re really mature, just as you wrote and I know I can always count on you, just as you can count on me.
    So, don’t care about people, keep your nose up in the air and walk with your head high. Nobody can judge us, except God, if you believe in. You’re beauty in yourself, if anybody else thinks you’re not, he just doesn’t know what is beautiful. & there are the reasons why I love you so.

    1. Awww honey… am really speechless wow thanks this means so much to me :) so so much u can count one me hun and thanks a lot for the great words… u’re so right and hun am so glad too that I have a friend like u take care and best wishes for you hun u’re always so special <3 love u so much and who cares we can be as happy as we want to :)

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