Delicious Ice Cream

So I had my club today (haven’t blogged about my club in a long while). In that picture we made whipped cream for kääretorttu (I have no idea what’s the word in English). Well unfortunately I don’t have a picture about the result.

We have a small kitchen so we divided kids to few groups and while others where making a dough I put the kids to draw something. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted to have ice cream. So I said that you can draw some ice cream cans.

People just look at the result. I really love these kids. I just want to eat those ice creams. :D

They made a great job and the kääretorttu was delicious. An awesome evening. If you don’t like children you probably haven’t met anyone great child or never played with them. My babies are just the best. They mean so much to me and all of them are great characters. They will grow up to amazing people who will achieve so much in their lives. I’m very proud of them and I wish to be a good example and good director to them. I wish that someday they will remember something good about me. I just love those smiles on their face when they succeed.

We have so much to learn from children and something I always love is to be able to go back to the good moments of childhood, at least in my mind and heart. Always remember that those who are younger will always be the next generation. Let’s not lead them wrong. Let’s guide them to make a better world for themselves when they grow up. Well I am not an old woman yet though… but I still look after youngest ones.


To be able to see pictures better you can check them here: Pictures from my club: delicious ice cream


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