Monday Check

I wish everybody is doing good and enjoying life. In the protection of God I’m going forward in this road. I am glad that people appreciate me and what I am doing. This blogging has gave me so much. It has helped me a lot and I really enjoy it. I am writing this before I leave my club. There are about 15 7-12 years old kids waiting for me and we would bake this time. I would come back later today. I spend my free time doing homework, chilling and listening music. Also surfing on the internet and looking for good music.

I wish that all my readers, who ever you are, will have something special from here and from my life. I share my world because it helps me understand it better. Words are my strength when I write. I really love writing. I write about real life. I am not a story-teller. I don’t have an extraordinary imagination. My stories are based on real life and are usually true stories. Flashes of life. I will not embellish. I will not let anything concealed. I tell how the things really are. Life is hard. Life is real. Life doesn’t tell lies. So I will not tell lies either.



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