That Pretty Young Girl

I’ve got a lot of requests to add my pictures as my avatars. Lol. I am going to a cruise next Monday and there I will take really cool pictures of myself. So if there is some really good picture of me I could edit it and change it as my avatar.

So it is Thursday today. Nothing much happened this week. What’s up with me? Nothing much. Lol. Boring.

My Get to know me entry was pretty popular and I wish you have enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the comments.

So all who wonders where my name comes, here is a short report about it: My name is Hanna-Kaisa. H and K are from the 1st letter of my names. Music is between because I love it. All this is explained on my About me page.

A free text inspired by I’m Okay Now (a song my friend did to me):

That Pretty Young girl


I used to be like everyone else. Used to be the same. Used to be that girl. That pretty little girl not knowing what people can do. I would so so like to be that girl one day but this means so much to me to know what I am meant to be. I found myself finally. It’s funny how the world can tell you who you are. How the people can help you forward finding yourself. I grew up. I learnt. I learnt how to live. I learnt that this young girl, that pretty young girl with blue eyes and blond hair, is living inside of me. That joyous, smiling, beautiful, funny, trustworthy, successful girl is still in me.


She grew. She got stronger. She became successful. She discovered her weaknesses and strengths. She started to love life and the world. She will not require the world to understand her. She will understand the world. She trusts God. She is beautiful. She is funny. She is smiling. She is trustworthy. She will not give up. She knows what she wants. She is that young girl with blond hair and blue eyes facing the world proudly head up in the skies.

I am that girl.



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