Close To Me

Nice Saturday morning to you all. It is a pretty morning around here in Finland. There is a lot of snow in the ground and the temperature has reduced. The snow has started to melt a bit but it doesn’t have time to melt totally because in couple of days frosts would come back. I have one week holiday next week and it is always nice. I’m going to cruise tomorrow and I look forward to it impatiently. It is going to be so much fun.

I should go out today but I am not sure because I don’t like this type of weather. It is too hot when you wear your winter jacket but if you take thinner jacket it is too cold. And it is annoying. I think everything’s going good at the moment but surely there has been stuffs which I am not sure do I want to talk about. Sometimes I am good sometimes the world just crashes me. Some things affects me more than they should. Trying to get my life in perfect balance.

My last text was great and I wrote it when I felt like that but sometimes I get moments when I don’t believe in them and I just want to shout and cry. Well it is okay. I will just move on as well as I am able to. There are some things which irritate me a lot. Small things. And little things can take me off the track if the thing is close to me.

So if you hurt me and you are close person or somehow connected to me you can really damage me. People could take an advantage of me.. but I am up when I am down. Nobody can totally broke me because with time I would always stand up. I may seem like am down (maybe I am) but next day you can see me standing like I never was like that. I would just lost trust and would be alone but I have survived alone many times and always will. But I can stand things better when I have others. I just want to be loved and cared. And I will give you love and caring.

If you hurt me bad you can be sure that I will not trust you or be your friend. It is just too much to bear many times so I rather not to.



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