I Will Come Up With…

… over 600 pictures and candies and presents! Lol! Going to a cruise.

I will go to my friend less than in an hour and I thought I will use this time wisely. I have a flu coming up. Having a light cough but it should strike later. I can’t cancel my trip and I don’t want to either because I am feeling good beside that. I am much better than last time I blogged yesterday. I don’t know did people read my last entry. It was a bit dark toned.

Well anyways I will come up with 600 pictures and loads of candies and presents from the big ship. The ship leaves 9 pm from Turku to Stockholm, Sweden. While we are having a plentiful breakfast the ship should reach the harbor of Stockholm. We could spend a day or more in Stockholm but we do one day trip this time. Cruises are extremely fun and refreshing experiences but going there too often or in bad company can make it less enjoyable. This is my second time on cruise and the first time was two years ago. I am going with the same friends I went last time. I am sure we would have fun.

I have seen an another country only from the ship. Well it doesn’t bother me because in the future I will travel as I want and can. I want to visit in countries where I have friends or I am interested in culture. Actually many assume that I know a lot about European culture but it is not so true. We, Nordic countries are very different from the middle Europe. We have different politics and culture. Finland has  had more influence from United States than from Spain or Italy.

Also our language is assumed as very different because it is always compared to English and Swedish. Actually we have many kindred languages like Estonian. We are just from different language group. Well I am very proud being a Finnish girl.

See you in a couple of days! Have a great time people.

With love and care



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