Friday Check: What’s up with HmusicK?

I am back. Yes I came up with 582 pictures and loads of presents and candies. Well, mostly pictures are of me or my friends… which means I don’t have much ship pictures to share. Well something interesting happened though because we were late an hour because we helped an another ship out of the ice. We had fun and laughed our assess off. Although one trip like that is enough because it is very tiring also. You can’t have good sleep in couple of days after it. But it’s worth it.

This ship was going nowhere. It was our responsibility to help them. We opened a gap to them (our ship was much bigger). Well anyways we didn’t know what was happening and why, when our ship started to going back and forth and stop. We thought we got caught on the ice. It wasn’t a nice feeling to know I would be late and got everyone worried.

I am safely back home and glad. That was good. Now I am recovering from holiday and I should start to think about school work. I have made an application for school already. It is March already. I have school three months which means that I need to do work harder than ever. Yeah that’s what is up with me. I am happy and good just tired of school work but I will do fine and I am strong. Listening music and watching movies. Relaxing. I have Udoka today. Missed it so much though. Some exercise to my body. (Why does the fat always go to wrong places in me?)

Happy Friday to all wishes


PS. Would maybe blog something else today as well.


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