Udoka, Cradle of African Culture in the Middle Of Finland

Hello everybody, it is Monday and my school just started after holiday. I am doing alright at the moment and there are some things happening to me at the moment. I was asked to be a secretary of African society, Udoka which, you know, is a drumming and dancing group in Tampere, Finland. I am of course a member of Udoka. I am very surprised and honored. Means a lot to me and I would see what happens. This is a huge opportunity for me to shine and show my skills. I am very excited and I am sure I am going to accept the request if possible. Would help me in the future.

What does being a member of Udoka means to me? I can’t describe how much I love it. I have had so much in my life when I joined to Udoka. I got a second family and awesome friends who would support me trough life. Since the very first time I felt the connection, joy, friendship and welcoming atmosphere which invited me to a wonderful world of African culture, drumming and dancing. I found what I was looking for over four years. Udoka gives me so much joy and happiness to my life.

In case you didn’t know Udoka comes from Igbo language.  It means peace is the best. And Igbo people are an ethnic group living chiefly in southeastern Nigeria.

Besides wonderful friends I have this amazing opportunity to get to know another culture and people from different continent. Our group is also very international and there are people from all over Europe. The richness of this group and style of living is unspeakable.

I am learning to speak English with these people and I can communicate in English. I love English and I really enjoy it.

Udoka means a lot to me and I am part of it as long as it will stand.



One thought on “Udoka, Cradle of African Culture in the Middle Of Finland

  1. Very nice. I am impressed by the enthusiasm you show to learning about our people, our culture, our country, and our continent. Udoka for real, peace is the best. We hope peace reigns supreme in our lands and all over the world.

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