Three Reasons Why NOT to Buy Apple Products

Last night I got an idea what I want to talk about. I thought about it long and repeated thoughts in my mind all over again. I thought about pride, honor and Apple. I have three reasons why I don’t use Apple. The last one came after I heard some news. Before I had less reasons why I hate Apple products but the news backed up my views. This is how I see things in eyes of an European girl who wants the best for world and cares so much.

This is a shout out to African and Asian people. I would like to include America here but I think we have lost America. So all my hope is in Africa, Asia and Europe. In America people don’t care. Asia can develop when we help them together. Africa has the most potential develop to a healthy, better society.

Three reasons why I don’t use Apple products (Here are three reasons why people should NOT use Apple products):

  1. Apple’s products are very restricted. For example you can’t do anything by yourself, not even things like buying a new battery to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Changing a battery to an iPhone is not possible. I prefer Windows over Mac. Mac offers you a computer which you can’t touch, literally. Your feeling when your expensive computer crashes down while you’re working and you can’t make the seller believe that you have a problem is not going to be sweet.
  2. iTunes is a crab. Besides restricted Apple they offer you a certain program which you would have to use. What if iTunes doesn’t work for you? What if you feel it is impossible to use it? iTunes makes things complicated and frustrating. I will tell you a usage example why I can’t use iTunes. Yes, in windows version Apple has the x button on the right side. BUT the closing button in the right up corner is so SMALL that you have to actually concentrate on it while you’re trying to close a program. That is a big #weoffthat.
  3. The third and the most important reason why I don’t use any Apple product. Apple admits using child labor. Apple uses children. Even though it is not a big amount it is still as shocking. FROM A SMALL STREAM GROWS A BIG RIVER.
  • Why is this serious?

Using innocent and poor children because of money, preventing their education, molesting their need for care is not only Asia’s or African’s issue. It is the whole world’s issue. It doesn’t matter where that product made in South America, Asia, Africa or anywhere else. Were it made by a Chinese kid or Indian child. That thing which you are holding in your hand.

Think about it. You support molesting poor children, desperate to get money and food for their families, prevent their education and stop them to do well in life. You support the evil. You support money and only thing you care is your happiness.

  • What is my message to people?

This is a shout out to all Apple users. People always tell me how Africa is different from Europe and how poor things are in Africa. The fact is that Africa has a lot of potential to grow up as well-educated and successful continent as Europe is at the moment. So what are you doing guys? You are using products where was a child labor involved at the stage of manufacture. It doesn’t matter where the children is from. It is still your problem.

We don’t live alone. We need to care about the environment because in the end you are just a one person in the jungle of six billion people.

As long as you have products made by children you can’t complain your country’s or continent’s poor condition or claim that you care about the world. You actually make your world worse and support the power of money and your own benefits.

The child labor is the whole world’s problem and needs to be stopped now! We don’t want that to our children to live in a world made of money. We need to make a better world NOW.



12 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why NOT to Buy Apple Products

  1. Apple products (in my opinion) are actually easier to use, than Windows. Of course i have iPod and MacBook so i do use them everyday. Ahem. Child labor of course is a serious problem, and i really think that that is the on thing i hate about apple. But otherwise only the price of the products are the most annoying thing.

    And comparing programs like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie i totally prefer iMovie (: It’s way professional than WMW.

    1. besides child labor apple products are expensive and restricted. I prefer Linux over Windows and Mac any day. And for that use iMovie can beat WMW I guess. (I don’t make movies so I don’t know much about them.) WMW has crashed down many times in use. I will not use Apple products. I prefer Nokia, Linux and Windows much much more.

  2. Yeah. Nokia and Linux are great too. But i wouldn’t ever use Windows again. It has so many problems with that.
    i shouldn’t use these apple products, and i do feel a little bit terrible because of child labor, but i have paid for these, and these are surely one of my best media stuffs i have.

    1. well yeah I understand but I personally only pay for things which are made properly and honestly. It is a main priority to me use environment friendly products. I buy Nokia which plays music as well as Ipod.

  3. Yeah sure (: And i wouldn’t buy apple ether if i would have known that it was made by child labor :s

    You have great opinions btw!

  4. I will do that! (: Keep posting more… Yeah i was just thinking about buying iPhone but now i’ve thought that maybe Nokia comes with Music sort of phone would be better don’t ya think?

    1. ohh I do post dear :D always when I find time :) I think so too absolutely! I would buy Nokia when I find money to buy a new one :)

  5. i do understand that child labor is a huge problem and it’s not a good thing. but so does Apple, the people there aren’t stupid. they do admit using it and no sane person would admit it if they still want to sell something if it weren’t somewhat human. admiting means that they do pay the children well for their job and you have to realize that even though we’d want everything to be well in the world and kids to have an education it just isn’t possible in some places. in those places the children have to work so that they and their families would have something to eat. and to those kids working for Apple is probably a gift from heaven or at least close.

    because i don’t want to fight that is all i’m going to comment on this post (believe me, i could put up a pretty good fight) just sometimes, like in this thing, just think outside the box.

  6. Apple service sucks. They will find a way to blame you for damage and void your warranty. DON’T BUY APPLE. My last 3 ipods have had headphone jack problems and apple has denied fixing all 3. Now i feel stupid for continuing to buy apple. Never again!

  7. Although your article was helpful in the sense that I did not know about Apple being associated with child labour, I see a lot of problems with your article.

    First, you shout out to Africans and Asians because America is lost. I’m from North America and I just have to say that you come off as very “racist”, in a sense of the word. You should consider using a little bit more tact for your North American friends — we are not “lost”, as you put it. We simply enjoy good products.

    Oh, I know… Judging from your article here, I would assume you would say that all we care about is our happiness. Do you always generalize a whole country, nation, or continent in this way? Some people could care less about child labour and for them, yes, they care only about themselves. As for most people, we didn’t get much coverage here in Canada about the reports of Ape using child labour. I tried searching the topic in many newspapers from various capital cities and came up dry. So I looked it up online and found you to be right … and wrong.

    You can see it for yourself in Apple’s 2011 progress report. Here is the link:
    You should pay attention to pages 7-10, with a special focus on pages 9-10. I was shocked to find out that the only reason people know about the whole affair is that Apple was auditing their own factories and found cases. They wanted people to know about it so they let it out. They could have covered it up like many companies do, but they included it in their reports. If you follow the link, which is highly suggest you do if you want to know the truth about Apple being associated with child labour, you will see that they discovered it, made an addition to their policy to prevent it from occurring, reprimanded those caught hiring underage workers, and compensated the underage workers accordingly. Don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself.

    See the problem is, you said “Apple admits [to] using child labour,” when in reality they found child laborers, eliminated them from the workplace, compensated them, fired a few managers, and stopped using one of the companies because they were purposely hiring underage workers. They didn’t stop using others because there were only a few cases and as the underaged workers’ ID was checked thou roily, they were found to be using fake ID so that they could work.

    Notice that I am saying “underage workers” rather than “children,” as you call them. I think saying “children” conveys a very different picture than what Apple discovered in their factories. Children seems like young, small children, not 15 year olds. The legal drinking age in Canada is 18. If you are even 14 and are caught drinking do they say “you are a child who is drinking”? No, they say you are an underage drinker. Same goes for driving. Underage. There are NOT children in those factories, there are teenagers who are close enough to the legal working age (16) that they are able to use fake IDs. And Apple is doing everything they can to eliminate this problem, as it is strictly against their code.

    Sorry, but your just plain wrong. Apple does not agree with Child Labor, it does not condone them losing out on education (if you read the report, you would see they actually help the underage workers go back to school), and Apple does not “molest” their need for care either. Again, if you read the report, you would see that.

    Your article really holds no water when compared to the actual Apple report that proves they are not “supporting evil,” as you put it.

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