Where’s My Son?

Good Morning! It is 18th March 2010. Special day in many ways. I have a meeting with Udoka and I would see if I get a job as a secretary and even I didn’t it is still so much fun. Can’t wait to meet guys because they really are great friends. Also I am looking for a summer job. I am going to try to get my dad’s company. Although it would about eighth weeks which am not so sure. I think I am going to take the job because it would be my first job and I would get big money. I need money for buying new cell phone for example.

I am listening Akon while am writing this post. When I 1st heard Sorry, Blame it on me I was hooked. I watched the video all over again and then I got his albums. I really love his voice and music. Nowadays his style has gone a bit Disco. David Guetta is an amazing music producer and DJ. I love the new music too. But I also love R&B Akon. So I am kind of thinking which one I prefer. I think both styles suit for him.

This week I had a shock on Monday when I heard that my classmate boy, age 15, been in my class three year was disappeared. He disappeared on Friday and he didn’t have money or cell phone. His parents were desperate to contact him. He even was in news and was hunted with  a helicopter and even thermal camera. The situation was scary. I was afraid of the worst. But what did he do? He comes to school in the afternoon eat lunch and had no idea he was been looking for! Unbelievable! He spent the whole weekend with some friend. (Did they live in the closet? They didn’t read the news?)  All the thoughts I was having about him came crashing down. He is nice and good boy. But I can’t believe he was so young in his mind.

He called his father from the unknown number on Friday evening telling something was happened. He didn’t call ever since before he showed up in the school. His parents were sick worried about him. It was the 1st time. I can identify to their misery and know how they felt like. Even though sometimes I don’t like my parents’ acts I would still let them know where I am and that I am fine. I know they love me and would be worried like that.

I hope he learnt something about it. That showed his childishness and his ability to think seriously. I don’t know the whole story so I can’t judge but from it what I have seen I can note that.

So guys do not play with the people’s love and care! It is not funny at all. Tell that you are fine, where you are and compromise the time you come back home. Keep the deal and do not lie. And if you are living on your own tell your friends or parents when you are going somewhere for a trip.



3 thoughts on “Where’s My Son?

  1. Why that boy did that? One guy in my class dissappeared, and everyone was so woried. To months till that he founded – dead. So did that boy really even think about that? :<

    But good for you if your gonna het some summer work (:

    1. I don’t think he realized what he was done… he didn’t think at all. I don’t know the whole story but he acted stupid. And I was afraid that he might have been dead :s

      and yes I really want to… I wish :)

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