For You

I will Always

love you,

be there for you,

take care of you,

do anything for you,

nurse you when you are sick,

keep you in my heart,

think about you,

help you,

support you in everything you do,

remember you,

miss you when you are gone,

kiss your lips,

tell you it is going to be fine,

make it alright,

hug you,

make you feel better,

be your baby,

be your woman,

be the love of your life,

make you laugh,

make love to you,

make you smile,

cook a meal for you,

give you all of me,

take you out to places you have never been,

tell you how much I love you,

stroke your cheek,

make you proud,

comfort you,

give you my soul,

give you my mind,

give you my heart,

give you my everything.


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