Be Who You Are

Look at these people around you, every day, who you don’t even care, you look at them with fear, with empty eyes, you don’t even know them, you are not ready to know them, you don’t want to know them. You are not one of them. Sometimes you secretly want to be something more you are not. Can you see? How hard it is to be the one you are not. Can you feel how your soul is aching? Can you see your real me fading away? How it gets buried underneath lies you tell.

Hello everybody! It has been a long while since I last wrote. I have been very busy with school work. It is a last year as I have told. I have decisions to make. I don’t know will I continue with my club next autumn. I have Udoka too and I can’t have them all. I also need to focus on school work more and it can much more demanding than in comprehensive school. I am going to upper secondary school now which is three years process. After that I am heading to university. Study what? I don’t know yet. I have three years to find out. I am doing alright at the moment just a bit stressed because of school.

I love my club and Udoka but I think I would go with Udoka because it is amazing and it also contains a lot of exercise what I need for my body when I otherwise sit all the time. I am an assistant of secretary in Udoka so I can’t leave just like that. And Udoka will be in my life many many years because it is close to my heart and suit perfectly for me. I can be who I am in Udoka.I love those people and they love me and I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. I can do things as I like and can. I push myself to the limit myself. No one makes me do it.

Africa and other cultures are very interesting and I have a lot of friends who are from different countries. I can benefit from that A LOT for example in my school work and it makes me happy. Having Udoka in my life gives me so much joy and I am not going to give up on it. I also love children and my club but hard decisions needs to be made and sometimes you can’t have all.

Happy Thursday to you and be who you are! And be able to make hard decisions because life is always full of those.



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