What A Random Story

Luke 6:31: Do to others as you would have them do to you.

She, The Boy, The Girl, The Rabbit, He

She watches the door behind her while it slowly closes and locks. It is a heavy and big door. It is that type of door that you would need a lot of strength to open it. She has decided that this is the last time she is staring at that door. There are two windows in that door and you can see the hallway and long corridor further way.

There are few students sitting on benches, smiling and laughing. Some of them are reading school books or eating lunch from their big bags. Some of the students are kissing or hugging, greeting their friends.

She is watching outside when a tall young man with brown hair and eyes walks towards the hallway. His hand is laying on a girl’s hip. The girl has a long blond hair, a lot of make up, a tiny top and a mini skirt. Her head hardly reaches boy’s shoulder even tough she is wearing high heels. She is giggling to something boy has just said.

There is another girl, who is carrying her very heavy bag on one shoulder and her own with another struggling to find balance. She walks just behind the 1st girl. She is wearing very little clothes too but she looks more grey than the blond girl. She doesn’t shine like the girl who is walking in front of her. She has a fearful look in her eyes. She is totally aware where she is and what she is doing and she looks more like a rabbit than normal person.

A boy stands near to the fall watching every move the boy and girl makes. He has a black hair and he looks foreigner. Mexican. No need to wonder a long time to realize why he has a dark look on his face.

She, The Boy, The Girl, The rabbit and he. What a random story.

Apologies were late, they wouldn’t bring back lost wishes anymore, wouldn’t fix thousands of moments of humiliation neither change the future better than this moment at all.


PS. Happy Easter to everyone! I have been very busy with school work and I am too tired to blog about my life at the moment so I share my random thoughts now with you. God bless you and take care of yourself. God died for us but he is alive and will save us. Jesus, forgive me the bad things I’ve done. Amen.


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