Mom, It Is Over.

Monday, 19th of April 2010. I woke up when my mother came to my room without permission to wake me up because she thought I was going to school 8 am. I shouted at her like never before. We had a deal but she didn’t have any respect for me. I am sick and tired to people who don’t do anything for me, they don’t even try. It hurts that she is my mother and she does this to me. But no matter what she will never advise me again. I come home with perfect grades and she still thinks that I don’t know how to go to school. All I can say is this: Mom, it is over. You will never do it again. As long as I live here I need respect. I have my space, my time. You will never step to my area again.

There is only one thing I can guarantee, he’s right here. When the sun stops shining and the world starts spinning, he’s right here.


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