Education Is The Key

I decided to reply back to comment posted to my Apple post

Three Reasons Why NOT to Buy Apple Products 13/03/2010

i do understand that child labor is a huge problem and it’s not a good thing. but so does Apple, the people there aren’t stupid. they do admit using it and no sane person would admit it if they still want to sell something if it weren’t somewhat human. admitting means that they do pay the children well for their job and you have to realize that even though we’d want everything to be well in the world and kids to have an education it just isn’t possible in some places. in those places the children have to work so that they and their families would have something to eat. and to those kids working for Apple is probably a gift from heaven or at least close.

because i don’t want to fight that is all i’m going to comment on this post (believe me, i could put up a pretty good fight) just sometimes, like in this thing, just think outside the box.

Anonymous said 4.20.10 / 4pm

So let’s begin. Yes, Apple developers are stupid. Why do they give/make children work? Why they don’t give their parents job or older persons? If they give job to parents they would have money for get their children to school. Do you want to be at school when you are like 3-15 years old? Children’s job is to play and learn. To the places where is no education we must create possibility. It is every kids’ right.  We can always change the world. Why should we give up? Never give up.  Because people here in rich countries don’t care. But I care. Apple should support the community to create good environment for children and their parents and help them to come good workers.

And the most important thing and the key of success is EDUCATION. When you are well-educated you can go to work and have money for food and for your family. You can not deny the benefit of education. Education is every child’s right NOW and FOREVER.

To the writer of that comment I would like to say that Apple is not human at all. The real human would support these countries to have good education and life. The benefit of education is huge and it will always show in companies. When you have professionals at work the works will be well done and customers will be happy to support legal and good company!

And yes, I do think outside the box, I think about the benefit of an individual and a company coming together. CHILDREN CAN HAVE EDUCATION EVERYWHERE. IT IS POSSIBLE. WE CAN MAKE IT.



3 thoughts on “Education Is The Key

  1. this is the last thing i’ll say because i can see that this won’t lead anywhere. but you do in some countries it doesn’t matter how much we send money for them for education and stuff like that, because the normal people will never see a penny of all that money.

    the world is a fucked up place, everyone knows it and everyone wants to make a difference to it. but it needs us all pulling the same rope to do it and it’s a fact that there are, and there always will be, people who want it all for themselves.

  2. oh and don’t think i’m being inhuman here. i’d love it if every child could just be a child, play and go to school and dream about the future, but it is the truth, yes, it’s sad, but it’s the truth, that it will probably never happen. i’m just being realistic here.

    1. I can see some points in ur opinions though, and I agree that we should unite our powers together so we can make it better, I am realistic too because I believe that we can make it better and that is the success, the effort we make is the success, am not telling that it would be perfect but we can change it

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