Tacos And Paper Plates

We had tacos and tortillas in my club. Children had some spare time while other were making food in the kitchen. They made funny things and they have a big imagination. I admire them so much. Like I have always said children are the ones who make this world better. They heal the world. New generation. The future. If your life was good or bad, no matter what kind of it was, give them piece of yourself. Tell them wise words. They will continue living after you.

Here are some pictures of their inventions. One important thing I would like to say is that all what you do to one of this God’s child you do to God. Children have right to have food, education, care, love, safety and freedom. Everyone of us has been child once. Do what you want others to do to you. Do good to these children. You do good to God.

It is very selfish to not to care. In the end humans are selfish and want only their own good but we are not meant for that. We are meant to love and care. Love your neighbor just like yourself. We don’t get to heaven because of our good acts. We get to heaven if we believe in Jesus and that he has died for us. Your sins have been forgiven and washed in the name of Jesus.

Children are a sign of life and it’s continuing. They are  a sign of people’s love for each others.

Children in my club are extraordinary little people and I love them a lot. The club is like another home to them and they always come there with the smile on their face and laughing. Always cheers up.

We had great time and food was awesome. I have big decisions to make next autumn. Do I continue keeping club or not? Well anyways will let you know my decision and have a great spring time!
Love, HmusicK

PS. My babes are the best as you can see from their art works. ;)


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