8Bit Heart

Forever. Forever. | Thursday 22nd 2010. I know the song is not my style. It is not my style at all. I love Simon Curtis’ new album 8Bit Heart. I downloaded for free here. Here’s his twitter.  Pop is not my style. But you can always have exceptions. And I have some. This song is not for anyone particularly but I wanted to post it because someone might recognize this in his/her life. No wonder it was chosen as the name of the album.

8bit Heart – Simon Curtis

What would you say if I said that I want you?
Would you laugh at me
and maybe think I was crazy?
‘Cause I don’t know any other way
than to say the way that I feel
But it doesn’t ever work
and it hurts to the bone
always feeling so damn alone

Is it so, so wrong to love?
Baby is it so, so wrong to love?
Is it so, so wrong to love
and to be loved in return?

I don’t know what to do
’cause I think that I need you
And I’m afraid ’cause intuition’s telling me
that you don’t feel the same
Ooh I wanna hold your hand
but I don’t think you understand
just how I’m feeling inside
Oh baby please don’t play with strings that dangle me
because I’d rather have nothing than lies

And if I die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take But please don’t cry, just know that I have made these songs for you  ‘cuz I’m ready for a funeral



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