Signs of Spring

Good Sunday evening to everyone! It is 25th of April 2010. It is peaceful Sunday and I was taking a walk outside to see the signs of spring. I really love walking. It was great outing. Took some pictures. Soon this land would be all green and full of life.

This field will be soon green and the grass will grow so fast.

There were some dark clouds out there. There is Näsinneula (an observation tower) far away.

Some water. No more cold or snow. The snow disappeared as fast as it came. It melts to water in few days time.

There are two balloons in the grass. I just had to take a picture. They’re funny.

Coltsfoot is the first flower which grows and starts to shine in spring. You can see them very early. They’re beautiful and the ground still looks very rough around them. After the green comes up we hardly notice them anymore.

Flowing water, gray ground and yellow Coltsfoots are the first signs of spring. Spring is so great time of the year. It is like there between. After dark and cold winter you have time to recover from it slowly till the summer comes and hits full force. Spring is also the time of hope and lovers’ time of the year.

To check these pictures better out you can visit my Flickr on my Spring set. I think I will also post them to my Photostream by HmusicK blog.

I wish great week to everyone and even though it is maybe the busiest time of the year, relax for a bit and enjoy the moment!



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