Save My Summer Please

Hey all my readers! It has been a while since I last talked about what is up with me. A lot has happened since last time. I have school two weeks left. Incredible. Two weeks, no exams, just chilling. It has also been amazing weather past week. So hot middle of May! This is just great. I have had E72 two weeks and I have written a review about it: Days And Nights With…

I have also made new friends on Twitter and have had a new haircut. Summer comes speeding. This weather is really something. I don’t have much plans for the summer. I was not able to find a summer job. It has been a disappointment because I would have really done something with some money. I really hope that something comes up this summer. So far looking pretty concerning. Yes, I would get some rest, enjoy the weather and go out but I can end up in fights with my parents because I spend a lot of time on computer.

So I pray that something would come and save my summer. I am going a three days camp but that is not much. If you my readers have any suggestions please tell me. Anything helps. I am trying to survive with my monthly allowance though. I need something to do in summer. I don’t need to get payed for it even though it would be nice.

So decisions, decisions. Will I continue with my club? Would I study a long German at school? Which laptop is the best choice?

Looking forward to new school naturally but before it 2 months and two weeks summer holiday. Happy starting summertime to all my readers!



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