Can I Have This Dance?

I keep wondering how time flies so fast. It has been an incredible year. Nothing more, nothing less. I remember last spring I made my account to I have never regretted that decision. It totally changed my life. Everything about it. I met so many people and the best of them are still by my side and I know they would never fail me. My dearest friend encouraged me to blogging. And he was right. It was my thing.

I was so lost at that time and looking for my passion. When I look at it now it is amazing. I was just wondering around on pc not knowing what to do. Then I got into blogging. Just started to write. At first my blog posts were short and I had a lot of pictures but with time I got more confident and started to just write about things which were important to me.

Then my blog family started to grow since I felt that I need blog for everything. In the end it is quite hard to follow me because I am so all over the place. My solution to that for now is Twitter account: HmusicKBlogs. You can follow my blogs’ feed there.

When I get a chance to get my own hosted blog I wouldn’t have this many things messing around. I am proud of RmusicB though and I have written good things on HmusicK’s Thoughts. I am looking forward to do some collaboration with many people in my life and I am already doing some with DMENT group. I am soon moving on and I have plans though they’re plans yet and I don’t know how soon I would execute them.

I have come up with a thought: I have wept all my tears now, it is time to move on. If you want to stay by my side tell me and I would do the same. So please move on with me and let’s make it better.

Take my hand, take a breath
Pull me close, and take one step
Keep your eyes, locked on mine
and let the music, be your, guide

It’s like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you
It’s one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do
And with every step together, we just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance (Can I have this dance)
Can I have this dance?



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