Do You Hear Me?

So there is a thing about me many don’t know and what I rarely talk about. It is a thing which is part of my every day life and would always be with me where ever I go. There was nothing to do to avoid it and there is nothing I can do about it. Unless God would want to change it.

I have bad hearing in both of my ears. They have been like that from the moment I was born. It means that I don’t hear as much as “normal” person. My hearing level is as its worst: -45 dB (normal is 0) depending on the frequency of the sound. How simple is that? Just like bad sight. So I am wearing a hearing aid in both of my ears. Just like people wear glasses.

My hearing problem is so light that I go to normal school and I am good with languages. I am blessed in many ways in that. If my hearing would be any worse I wouldn’t be this good with languages or at school. I can talk many languages. Many say that I wouldn’t learn French or Russian easily because I wouldn’t hear all the sounds but I don’t know would it be an obstacle to me.

I study English, Swedish and German besides Finnish and I think they are enough for me from all the usual languages. In other related news I would love to learn Broken English (they call it Pidgin) and Yoruba. And what is the most surprising about me is that I know some Igbo. I can sing in Igbo.

I can hear without my hearing aids kinda well if the person who talks to me is close. I listen music with normal ear pieces. But I also have big headphones so I can listen to music when I have them on. I take them off for night and they break if they get wet. Sometimes I have to go fix them when they start to act up.

Our government pays my hearing aids which are 3000 € pair. I am wondering how it is going to be if I move abroad. I would have to pay the fixing myself. Aids last about 5 years in use. I am blessed to be born in such a country as Finland where the social care is top class.

My everyday life with bad hearing is just as normal as with anyone else’s. People hardly notice them and usually they are too shy to ask. Usually they have a grandmother or grandfather who has one, hehe. I don’t usually talk about them and I prefer people asking me. I am cool with them. Have had them since I was 5 so I am used to explaining.

I just need to do more work to hear you. But nowadays I prefer asking people, do you hear me?

I need you right here next to me ’cause there ain’t nobody would love me the way you do. That’s why I’m over here on my knees. Hey girl, I wish you don’t leave me.


Because I have pretty good hearing I have small aids, hardly notable

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