Always Here

Everything starts with this black page…

Hello, my blog world! It is me, Hanna-Kaisa (HmusicK). In case you don’t know who I am check out these sites: HmusicK and Get To Know Me. And of course. Just read my blog. I have five blogs which I update regularly. I know it is too much but no worries my own hosted blog is on plans. Blogging has just became my passion and obsession. In other related news, so what if I have so many blogs.

I love lyrics. I post lyrics. I feel that I am better in writing than in poems or lyrics. Maybe with little practicing I would get something. I love short sentences, words. They’re easy to read. They just stay in the air flowing better than long sentences. Much lighter but even more influential.

Empty Phrases

Less words
more action
I have discovered
words fail
that is why I am going to be silent

it is better
no promises
bad words
no words to rely on

just me
and the silence

no taking back
no regret
no hurt

words can do so much
don’t trust them
because you would always break them

empty phrases

I am sorry

for the all the pain I caused
for all the bad words I said
for all the misery I caused by my stupid actions
for not being there when you needed me the most

that I can’t be there as I should
that I can’t tell you I love you face to face
that this is so hard
that you have to go trough so much for me
that I have not been the best

but I will always be here for you. That I am not going to fail. I will always be around. I can’t fail.

and ends with it.



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