On A Rainy Day

Inspired by songs of John Legend

Sitting here
half dark
wondering what you are doing
in this very moment
don’t be afraid a little bit of pain | Save Room

listening Everybody Knows
by John Legend
with my ear pieces
cause everybody knows but nobody really knows | Everybody Knows

the song changes
this song is ours
used to sing this on a rainy day
it’s gonna be alright | Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside)

you know how I feel
it is written in your heart
we share the same thought
we just don’t care | P.D.A (We Just Don’t Care)

My friend wrote me (she is somewhere out there):

But I’m okay now and I realize you’re not really worth the pain I cried out, for nothing, for nothing, for you
I cried out for you. There’s nothing left to break or yours to take. So let me, let me loose

That was for someone who was not good for me. Many years ago. I have forgotten.

To the persons I love

when you are down I promise I’ll get you up
when you are happy I will join you
just don’t let go
take my hand
you will not regret it
because I won’t let you fall

Blessed Monday to everyone.


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