Matthew, Mark, Luke And John – 4 Villages

I was away four days from 30th of June to 3rd of July. I was in a camp. I wasn’t a participant, I was a part of staff. I was taking care of children. The camp is called tencamp and all participants were 10-years-old (or turning 10 this year).

300 children, 70 member of staff, 4 villages: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and one village had two groups. Which means 8 groups. One group had about 40 kids. In my tent there were 12 adorable young ladies and another director with me.

6 tents form Mark Village, the nearest tent was my tent

My village was Mark and our color was red (everyone had a scarf). And I had 4 colleagues and a leader. The camp went great. And we did lots of things like: Live action role-playing game, played football, nature track (with all these tasks) and cross necklaces from wax and we swam a lot. We also ate A LOT. Every morning breakfast, around 12 lunch, snack 3 PM, dinner 5 PM and supper around 9 PM. Five times a day.

Fortress for the LARP

The weather was wonderful. Very very hot and sunny, we were out 24/7, no shade, so we had to wear sunscreen, drink loads and wear a hat. Luckily no one got sick. We had loads of action and fun there. I didn’t get bored at all. Even though some of the kids were a bit nerve cracking sometimes, they’re angels after all.

The field (very sunny day)

In the evening the whole camp came together to tent which was big enough for 1000 people. We sang songs and we had an awesome spirit over there. And one member of the staff (her profession was a “storyteller”) told a story about 4 kids: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (it was a serial story and they found out what treasure was not until the last morning) and a band concert.

Big Tent

The name of the camp was discovery trip. And that it really was. We had a camp song. That really stayed in my mind. It was like the official song of the camp. The deeper meaning of the camp is the discovery journey of life. Jesus Christ in our lives.

My Tent
Our Group


In Tent
With 10-years-old people it is all cute mess
My baby girls

Nights went fine, the 1st night was the most restless because many of the kids had not slept in tent before and the experience was very new to them. And of course they were away from their families a long time (maybe this was their longest time actually) and home-sickness hit a bit sometimes. 2nd night went okay and the 3rd night went the greatest but I had a bit cold in the morning.

This was my second time in tencamp and I can definitely think about going there next summer again. I missed all my friends and twitter and am glad to be back home. And of course I learnt a lot there.

One for everybody. Everybody for one.

That was the story of my camp. Giving honor to my savior Jesus Christ.



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