These Are My Words

Been tryin’
forcing my head
many times shakin’

still not close
still too far
but I’m comin’
not givin’ in

I’ll make the sunlight
Night time
I’ll create the starlight
Shining brightly as a guiding light

Her tears could flow like a river
Her smile could illuminate the darkest valley
Her arms are powerful to make big things
But she is not able to these alone
Her power is not from this place

Hold on
Stay still
Don’t breathe
Just take a moment
And stop and watch me now

How I am shining trough the night




Even though I have not yet seen you
I’ve admired you far
Hearing stories
Which I know won’t tell much about your wildlife
Seeing pictures
Which I know won’t do justice to your beauty


The Most Wished
The condition you want to be
The beginning
The Best


These are my words.

Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it


12 thoughts on “These Are My Words

  1. Some naija guys should make babies with HK…produce brown naija sharp guys…
    Nice one right there…

  2. This is a good one. As I told you earlier, this is a great play of words and the meaning conveyed runs really deep.

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