Dreams To Reality

This past week has been crazy. I was nominated and I won in Nigerian Blog Awards (it was a tie but I feel like a winner). Badge in the middle of my blog is telling its story. I am so proud of myself and I want to thank you all for the support and love. You are awesome. Thank you for voting and believing in me . You mean so much to me.

These Are My Words: The last post of mine was really special because I never write poems. Those words were right from my heart and I really loved that post. I had really great inspiration and colors are great. Loved that Africa part. And many liked my post and I got so many comments. Thank you.

Lately I have been very active on Twitter and blogging has been less. I have also been shopping and getting tanned at the beach. I am on holiday mode but would be back in writing more when school starts.

I feel so proud of this blog because every post is so special and beautiful. So now I am enjoying the results of my hard work. I appreciate people who have time to come visit to my blog and read what I have to say. And also like me that much that I am actually FAVORITE NON-NIGERIAN MEMBER OF BLOG(S)VILLE 2010.

This is a step ahead for me in making my dreams come true. Someone sees my hard work and appreciates it.

Thanks for commenting, reading, for everything. Feel free to contact me and share your thoughts. Enjoy!

So my future plans in blogging: I would see if I can get a new phone from Nokia to review, might write some interviews and reviews and plan my own hosted blog. Own hosted blog is my dream and I would make it to reality soon.

I am working hard to make my dreams to reality. I know that someday I would be blessed and the joy of it coming true would fill my heart. Even the process makes me happy.

It is very hot in Finland at the moment and I am reducing the time I am spending on computer. But you can reach me on twitter.

God Bless you!

Let go of the past
And open yourself to the future
You can never move on if you don’t let go

If success is served ready for you in a platter,
there is something wrong with that dish


8 thoughts on “Dreams To Reality

  1. Love the quotes at the end
    So on point
    Congrats again
    And goodluck in making d dreams reality
    Go for it hun

  2. Lovely!!, its one thing to start from somewhere and its another thing to remember where you started from…..not everyone would remember to show appreciation to friends and supporters..but here you are, being humble despite the milestone you achieved….God Bless You My dear…Always behind u…cheers

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