A Mud Monster And Fake Cakes

Hello readers! I have been aways a lot this week. I don’t even remember all the things I have done. Hehe. Anyway I was watching a movie Thursday night. Been a very long time since I have been in cinema. I watched Sex And The City 2 even though I have not seen the first one. It was pretty cool one. Contained a lot of gay and sex stuff though but made me laugh. Was very funny at times.

Next day I was visiting my friend in Kangasala (which is like 30 mins drive away from Tampere). She showed me the center and we had some ice cream. After we headed to a wonderful beach. Summer was shining but dark clouds were filling the sky though. Storm was coming.

Little sunshine over there

The water was warm and I swam a lot. In spite of little rain and heavy waves we were quite long at the beach. There were not much people at all. Usually the beach is full. Anyway we had some funny time in platform which is in the middle. Some young boy had dived and gotten some nice mud from the basis. And he threw it on us. After we had cleaned our faces we named him as a mud monster.

Middle platform full of mud monsters

By the way her friend showed me his phone. I held Nokia N900 in my hand just 5 mins and fell in love with it. I showed my blogs to my friend with it. Now I want to have one myself.

After the beach we visited her place before we went to eat delicious cake in Marjamäen Pajutila. They make all kinds of art and objects from the willow. There’re really amazing hand art. There were for example a lot of African animals: lions, elephants and a huge giraffe. Too bad I did not have my camera/cell phone with to take pictures.

You can buy so many things made of willow and also sheets and pillows and even fake cakes. There were so many cakes and they looked so real. We decided what you can do with it if you are mad to your husband you can throw one to your husband’s face without harming the real one.

In the end of the day the storm didn’t come and I came back to Tampere. So that was one summer day in my life.

I’m sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn’t do
And I’ve hurt myself
If I had just one more day, I would tell you how much that
I’ve missed you since you’ve been away

Till next time!


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