Summer Passing By

Don’t ever let go of things that makes you happy. And love Jesus Christ.


I have lived all my life in Tampere even though I was not born here. Tampere is my home. I love this town. To me Tampere is the most beautiful city in Finland. I hope many would come here to get to know this town.


Peace is the best. Here is a picture of some of the people in my group drumming. And Emmanuel, my teacher is there too. He is like second father to me. Always there for me. Udoka means so much to me. I am happy to leave there every Thursday. I have got so many great friends from there. We are one big family and we are all friends. No matter where you are from, how old you are or what is happening in your life. We all come together to spend sometime together drumming and dancing. Forgetting all worries and be in peace.


Särkänniemi is an amusement park in Tampere, Finland. I was there last Sunday and had a lot of fun. Took just few pictures.

Tampereen Lyseo

This building is my new school. I will go back to school 11st of August. I am excited but scared. New friends. New teachers. All new. But I am happy because I am moving on in my life. New chapter. New book.

The Beach

Summer is nothing without swimming in a lake and spending time on the beach. The water was a bit cold at that day but I loved it though. Just enjoying the last weeks of summer. Before that new chapter.

These are pictures of my summer. Soon I will be busy with my studies and I would not have this much time to chill out. I wish everyone strength to this fall!



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