Gonna Miss Summer

It is a beautiful morning outside. I have just today before I go to new school. I am nervous but excited. I am sure it would go fine. I have a cough and I feel a bit sick but otherwise I am okay. I wrote a review of Nokia N97 Mini last week on Thursday: Being Social Comes With Small Packages. Now I am hoping to save money and buy a smart phone.

So this is just a short post. Just want to wish everyone a great week and hope you guys get a lot of strength to work and survive over autumn and winter. I feel absolutely amazing about this summer and I can’t wait to see how this rest of the year goes. And I will continue my club by the way. So I will have my all old hobbies back. I will be blogging, taking care of my kids in my club with a new director colleague and of course Udoka.

This summer has gone so fast and I just posted my summer memories: Summer Passing By. Thank you guys for great summer and love you all. Take care of yourself and have fun!


PS. I am so going to miss summer…


One thought on “Gonna Miss Summer

  1. Summers leaving u n coming to me so am sad for but am happy for me. Anyways ur post is cool n once again thumbs up to d greatest blogger of d future.

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