Time Separates, Time Brings Back

Yeah it is school again. So many years I have been in school. Many years left but always school makes life organized and gives it certain rhythm. It is also key to your dreams since you can’t really do work and get money without you know something about things.

So lately I have been fine and the school is soon everyday life for me and I am back to my usual rhythm. Well when the hard moment comes I think summer in that second. I am missing summer and with time I would miss new summer. But it is nice at school. It is fine with me.

In my class I met a guy who I had seen last time nine years ago. That moment totally knocked out both of us. Seeing the same little boy running around with you now as a grown young man is something that just blows you to the memories and how time has gone by. He really reminded me how much I have grown. We both recognized each other after all these years.

An awesome opportunity to see how we have changed. How time has affected us physically and mentally. He still has the same friendly look in his eyes and cool laugh. Seeing him makes me smile because I can still remember how he looked when he was just a kid.

So in some cases I can say: Time Separates, Time Brings Back. Never thought God would bring good people back to my life.

This event made me think that maybe there are not always those bad memories after all or bad persons. So thank You God for reminding me that life is not bad after all!

After all. I am the last woman standing in my own ground. Don’t assume anything about me because I would not be anything you assume.


2 thoughts on “Time Separates, Time Brings Back

  1. I can relate to this so i know how it feels when you think everybody who loves you is out of sight then this(old pal) hits u like wow! Feels great..Be careful though cos time seperates…time brings back..and time changes people.

    Deuces :D

  2. How time flies indeed. Some times we just need to pulse and look back and how much we have covered. And how much us and the people around us have changed. There say the only thing in life which does not change is change

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