Brighter As It Seems

So as I woke up this morning I realized many new things about what I had written at night. I know that I can’t stop making mistakes since we are all human. And being afraid of them is not good. I would do them anyway. At night I wrote things I felt at that moment. Well I am glad I did because now I know what I should change to get out my pain.

Forgiving myself and moving on are the first steps I should take. I should learn from it and let it make me better as Bigbrovar commented to Little Prayer. It is about how you get up after you have made the mistake. I am not going to deny it is not easy for me though.

Well when I now write about it I actually feel much better about it. It is much brighter as it seems. Thanks Bigbrovar too for the comment! It really opened up what my fear was and how I should (and would) get up.

So I am heading to much brighter day than I thought at night. I got some six hours of sleep but tonight I would sleep longer. And I got an email I waited for this morning. I am having a new blogging project and I am excited. I am heading to a new day which is like “a blank sheet” as Bigbrovar would say.

And for your information Udoka is now again on Fridays. I am happy to wake up to this morning and head to school. This experience has really lifted my blogging spirit which is important to me (sometimes maybe too much).

I learnt a lot from this experience and when you now read these two posts I have written today you can see the change. Have a great day people! Love ya!



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